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22 System was conceptualized by Omer Arbel and launched in 2009 by Bocci, a design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver, Canada. It is a unique, patented innovation in the field of electrical products and accessories.

The patented 22 System utilizes standard electrical boxes and is flush-mounted into stone, millwork, tile, glass, concrete or any other surface, or plastered directly into plasterboard.

Interchangeable cylindrical devices work with outlets, USB, data and communication ports, HDMI, and a keypad control. All are compatible with 22 System mounting plates.

22 System Alternate allows devices to lock into the mounting plate installed behind finish materials.

22 System Plasterboard allows the same suite of devices to lock into a mounting plate plastered directly into plasterboard.

The complete assembly sits flush with the wall surface with no visible fasteners or cover plates, proprietary electrical box, or wiring system. To remove or replace the devices, a 22 System Tool is required.

The 22 System is UL listed to standards 498 and 514D.
US Utility Patents 7,956,295 and 8,232,482. CE certified to comply with BS1363 and IEC 60884.


22 System allows a device to be secured into a mounting plate that’s installed behind finish material, or plastered directly over plasterboard. The complete assembly is flush-mounted in the wall surface, without visible fasteners or cover plates.

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Alternate Installation Video


Alternate installation instruction

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Plasterboard Installation Video


Plasterboard installation instruction

Three Device Depths

To accommodate different finish materials, 22 System Alternate comes in three device depths: short (1/4" / 6.35mm), medium (3/4" / 19mm), and long (1-1/4" / 31.75mm).


22 System installs flush in millwork, glass, stone, tile, concrete, or plasterboard.

  • Millwork
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Plasterboard

Four Colours

22 System devices are available in four colours: white, black, almond and grey.

White RAL 9016

Black RAL 9017

Almond RAL 1013

Gray RAL 7038


Gangable alternate mounting plates allow for flexibility in determining the number of devices.

Single Kits

Single kits include a mounting plate and one device.

A 22 System Tool is required for installation (sold separately).

Double Kits

Double kits come with two gangable mounting plates (for alternate installation) or a double linear mounting plate (for plasterboard).

A 22 System Tool is required for each project (sold separately).

Choose from these popular kits or visit our Parts section to build your own.


Certified to UL standards 498 and 514D. CE compliant BS1363 and IEC 60884.


22 System technical resources including installation guides and CAD Library.

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