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Trimless, UL-listed devices available in multiple colours and configurations. Outlets are available in 15 and 20 amp.

The patented 22 System utilizes standard junction boxes and may be mudded directly into drywall or set flush into millwork, marble, glass or any other surface.

Interchangeable cylindrical devices are offered in a variety of functional options including outlets (15 and 20amp), switches, data and communication ports, USB, HDMI and a keypad control. All are compatible with the 22 System mounting plates.

22 Drywall allows devices to snap into a mounting plate that is mudded directly into the drywall.

22 Alternative allows the same suite of devices to snap into the mounting plate installed behind a variety of finish materials including millwork, stone, tile, glass, etc.

The complete assembly results in operative devices that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface without visible fasteners or cover plates and without a proprietary junction box or house wiring system. To remove or replace the devices, a 22 System removal tool is required.

The 22 System is UL listed to standards 498 and 514D. US Utility Patents 7,956,295 and 8,232,482.

Device Depth

Available in 3 device depths to accommodate different material thickness.



Devices are available in four colours: white, black, almond and grey. Custom colours and finish options are also available for larger orders, please contact us to discuss your bespoke request.


Double kits are available in linear or diagonal configurations, and can be rotated to suit.


UL-listed to standards 498 and 514D.


22 System technical resources including product overview and CAD Library.